Our bylaws provide a flexible framework for our Association.
The Association is made up of unpaid individuals interested in microminerals.

Rocky Mountain micromineral association bylaws

Updated June 13, 2022

Article 1:---Name
The name of this Association shall be the Rocky Mountain Micromineral Association (RMMA).

Article 2:---
The purposes shall be:
a. The RMMA is a fellowship whose purpose is to promote micromineral study, education and good will among its members. Members are encouraged to share knowledge, techniques and supplies with other members.
b. To promote the study, collection, classification, mounting and preservation of specimen minerals (including rocks and fossils) that require magnification for proper study and viewing.
c. To encourage others to become-acquainted with the Earth Sciences through, but not limited to educational projects, symposia, exhibitions of specimens cooperation, with other Earth Science societies and federations and educational institutions such as schools, museums and libraries.
d. To promote the use of photography, in so far as it, may relate to the reproduction of pictures for the study and display of micro-mineral specimens.
e. To maintain educational programs within the Association compatible with these purposes.

Article 3 :---Membership
Section 1. General Requirements for Membership:
a. Active members must be interested in micromineralogy.
Section 2. Classes of Membership:
a. Voting members shall consist of all dues paying members.
b. The Association may, from time to time, elect to provide Honorary Membership to persons who have performed outstanding services for the Hobby.

Article 4:---Officers
Section 1. Election, Term, etc.
a. The officers of this Association shall be elected from active membership by a vote of those members present at the annual meeting in July.
b. The officers shall be a President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer.
c. Each officer shall hold office for one year beginning on the first day of the month following election. Each shall be eligible to succeed him/her self, or to be elected to a different office in the Association.
d. The Executive Board may select a member of the Association to fill a vacancy in any office, except that of the President.
e. The Vice-president shall preside in the absence of the President.
f. No member shall receive compensation for the performance of his/her duties as an elected officer.

Article 5:--Committees
1. Appointment and tenure
a. The President shall appoint such Committee Chairmen as necessary to the carrying out of the purposes of the Association.
b. The Chairman may appoint additional members to his committee.
c. Unless otherwise decided by a vote of the membership the tenure of the Committees shall coincide with the term of the president.

Article 6:--Quorum
a. A membership quorum shall consist of those members present and voting, provided due notice of the meeting having been given.
2. An Executive Board quorum shall be a majority of the membership of this body.

Article 7:---Membership Dues
1. Dues shall be payable annually on or before the April meeting. The price of membership dues will be set and approved by an affirmative vote at the annual meeting. Current dues are $10 per year for an individual member, and $15 per year total for all members of a family.
2. Once set the rate continues in force until changed by vote.

Article 8:---Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall begin April 1

Article 9:---Meetings
1. Meeting place.
(A) The regular meeting place shall be the Colorado School of Mines Museum Golden, Colorado.
(B) Meetings may be held at times and in places other than those specified, with the approval of the Executive Board.
2. The annual meeting shall be the April meeting.
3. The Executive Board shall have no regularly scheduled meeting, but shall be subject to the call of the President. The President may conduct business by phone or other electronic means, provided an attempt is made to reach all the members.
4. The Committee Chairman may conduct his/her business by phone or other electronic means.

Article 10:--Finance and Budget
1. The Executive Board shall present a proposed budget at the annual business meeting. This budget may be accepted, rejected or amended by vote of the members present.
2. The Executive Board may authorize expenditures not to exceed $500 of the unrestricted funds in the treasury.
3. The financial records for the year shall be examined by the Executive Board prior to the annual meeting.
4. Contractual agreements must be handled as follows. No member or officer shall enter into any agreement or contract on behalf of the Association without the written approval of the Board of Directors.
5. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, no member, board member, employee, or representative of this association shall take any action or carry on any activity by or on behalf of the association not appropriate under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and its regulations, as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended.

Article 11:---Executive Board
1. The Executive Board shall be composed of the officers, the immediate Past President, and Committee Chairmen.
2. Minutes of meetings shall be kept by the Secretary or will be a synopsis of business done by phone.
3 The Executive Board shall be solely responsible for the affairs of the Association between the Annual Meetings.

Article 12: ---Amendments
1.These By-Laws may be amended by an affirmative vote of the members present at any meeting, provided a written notice is sent by electronic mail at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting, setting forth the amendment and the reason for the change.
2. Amendments become effective on passage, unless a different time is specified.

Article 13: ---Affiliations
1. The RMMA is currently an affiliate with the Colorado School of Mines. The RMMA may affiliate with any Society or Federation promoting the study of Earth Sciences, upon an affirmative vote at a regular meeting.
2. Such an affirmative vote shall be interpreted as an appropriation of funds to cover payment of dues in such an affiliated organization, until such an action is reversed.

Article 14:---Operating Procedures
1. The Executive Board may adopt Operating Procedures consistent with these By-Laws.
2. The Secretary shall keep a separate record of the Operating Procedures.
3. The Executive Board may change, revoke or amend any Operating Procedure at any meeting of the Board.
4. Operating Procedures become effective upon adoption and are binding until changed, revoked or amended.

Article 15 : ---Parliamentary Authority
Generally the business meetings shall be short and informal.
However in case of procedural questions, Roberts Rules of Order shall apply.

Article 16: Disposal of RMMA Property and Assets
If the RMMA disbands, all property and assets shall be disbursed by a club-held auction to members only. This auction will be held only to active members. At least 20 days advance notice must be given to all members in good standing. At the time of notice, no new members will be allowed to join.
After disbanding, all monies shall be donated to a non-profit organization or geological publication that a quorum deems worthy of such a gift. Any items or materials still left over after the auction shall be donated to an appropriate educational based institution.